Milk in coffee is acceptable when it's a "cultural experience"...


As the three of you who read this blog no doubt already know, I’m a twenty-something graduate student currently living in the Midwest. I spent the four years before my move to the states living in the incredible city of Montreal, and I still have a tremendous affinity for that city in particular and Canada in general.

 I titled my blog Nomad Baking because I’ve been on the move for my entire life, first while growing up as a foreign service brat, then during undergrad in Canada, and now as a result of my professional aspirations. Some of my friends from my Montreal days were instrumental in encouraging my fascination with baking and teaching me the basics, for which I remain eternally grateful.

 This blog allows me to keep in touch with the friends who have fostered and inspired my (sometimes disastrous) exploits in the kitchen while consolidating the now copious amounts of notes on all of the recipes I have forcefully altered to suit my obnoxious tastes* over the past few years.

Content Caveat: Most of the recipes you’ll find here reflect my addiction to cooking and baking blogs in general, and many of the posts are simply slightly tweaked versions of recipes crafted by far more competent kitchen hands than myself. I rarely cooked with my family growing up, and only began experimenting with anything more complicated than boxed Kraft Dinner after my second year in undergrad.

I must say, however, that the first time I made KD I followed the instructions on the box to the letter (1 & 3/4 cups boiling water + boxed noodles + 3 tbsp margarine + 1/4 cup milk + cheese packet, for interested parties), and turned out an impressively unappetizing meal.

I own five cookbooks that I use regularly (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), but most of my self-tutelage has come from a select number of websites, particularly Simply Recipes and Smitten Kitchen. More recently I’ve begun to follow How Sweet It Is, Lottie & Doof, and Everybody Likes Sandwiches more closely as well. For the past two years I have also subscribed to Bon Appétit , but because I am a graduate student (read: perpetually destitute), I rarely do anything more than obsess over the brilliantly photographed recipes that are to be found on their pages (though this, enjoyed one spring in North Carolina, was a notable and welcome exception).  If you as a reader have any recommendations as to other resources that I’ve been missing out on, feel free to bemoan my ignorance in the comments  – I always welcome the opportunity to while away more time on the internet furiously bookmarking pages under my “Recipes to Try” folder…

*As a general rule, increase cinnamon by 2, salt by 1/2, oats by 3/4 and bacon by 100%


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